We study and analyse every problem that arises within the corporate law spectrum in relation to both Italian and foreign companies, incorporating the ongoing theoretical and investigative revisions carried out by Italian and European universities. We nurture relations with EU institutions providing support and assistance for public tenders published by the EU; we also provide businesses with advice on European legislation, EU policies and programs that may be of interest, as well as on legislation and practices regarding European tenders.

We have over twenty years experience in assisting major banking and insurance groups with the various stages of contractual negotiations. We also assist the users of financial and insurance services, where we have achieved remarkable success in cases against contractual abuse.
DViuris has extensive experience in international arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution and we represent our  clients in the context of complex litigation proceedings, formulating optimal strategies that best serve their interest. Probably the above is sufficient without the need for the following – [taking into account costs and the convenience of an out of court settlement].

The firm, has formed a group of legal experts with strong academic experience in criminal law, and commercial and white collar crimes, capable of working with great efficiency within the Italian judicial system.




We are multi-lingual professionals and consultants, comfortable to advise in Italian, English, French and German, and capable of providing expert support in the diverse sectors of Italian and European law. We have many years of experience in the acquisition and sale of real estate assets and their management, as well as investments in real estate, throughout Italy and abroad. We have achieved remarkable results in our relationships with Italian citizens living abroad, particularly the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland, offering a package including multiple management services customized to the individual needs of the client. Understanding the difficulties experienced by Italians abroad to remotely manage their real estate, as well as the high costs of travel and subsistence, the DViuris Law Firm, thanks to their professional network of lawyers, notaries, surveyors and visuristi, have set up a range of services to solve problems related to any accrued rights of adverse possession (Usucapione), or to achieve a better settlement of the quota of assets, and to avoid situations of the consolidation of ownership of land and property against the will of the legitimate owners.
We offer the following services:
Asset management – Contract consultancy – Assistance with judicial auctions -:

  • Management of entire balance sheet assets. Advice on real estate forming part of the estate and management procedures of division or dissolution of the inheritance;
  • Assistance on the analysis and preparation of preliminary sales agreements and subsequent notarial deeds, with linguistic mediation and counselling exchange;
  • Monitoring, assessing and assisting in the buying and selling of real estate at auction in enforcement and bankruptcy procedures
  • Support the establishment of trust.

Preventive counselling in real estate sales is essential for a successful and smooth negotiation:

  • Screening aimed at assembling cadastral data, mortgage, tax, successors and condominium property to be acquired;
  • Evaluation of the counterpart.

– Identification of and reporting on favorable international areas and assistance in setting up companies abroad;
– Legal assistance on international contracts: we assist our customers at every phase of commercial agreements for the supply, distribution, franchising, agency, procurement and licensing, agency and distribution, intellectual property, such as granting any license and     patent or outsourcing of technology services;
– Legal assistance in relation to international law and private international law;
– Dissemination of studies, research, draft papers, statistics and euro-information;
– Assist lobbyists (organizations, associations, trade unions) of Community Institutions to represent legitimate interests;
– Supporting businesses in the adoption of strategies of Europeanization, through the creation of plans and projects of communication, marketing and relational implementation of management models of system resources (human, material, economic and financial);
– Organisation and coordination of business missions of exploration for the development of European trade integration
– Research foreign partners, set up representative offices, B2B meetings with international partners

We are highly specialised EU tender consultants in Brussels and every day noices are published for contract deals – for different categories of contracts – put out to tender by EU institutions and the various contracting authorities in Europe, to carry out their activities; they need a wide range not only of goods but also of services, including construction, plant engineering, engineering firms.

The advantages of the European system for our professional and business realities.

If you venture to participate in tenders, you would operate in a competitive environment protected with a very low membership (3-4 competitors in the race – sometimes just one). Also, you would be the “official supplier” of European institutions which gives your company national and international prestige. Participation in EU tenders helps the internationalization of your company and will accustom you to relate to foreign markets.
Our activities. The DViuris Law Firm regularly notify the Executive Board in respect of published notices within their particular commodity sector and to follow each step of interest;
– Research and selection of the commercial opportunities offered by European Institutions and financed by MTF development;
– Customised search and selection of relevant European public contracts, published by contracting authorities of member states;
– Monitor, support and assist in the early stages of tender submissions.